SHY BAIRNS is the collaborative practice of artists, designers and curators Izzy Kroese, Erin Blamire, Eleanor Haswell and George Gibson.

Since 2016, we have been working together on a responsive programme of zines, exhibitions and workshops. 


We are interested in the accessibility and interactivity of contemporary art, and through our practice aim to create a conversation between exhibition/artwork and viewer, rather than the traditional one-way approach. Often considering ideas of identity (both individual and communal) we begin to explore the relationship of viewer to work and work to viewer, with projects focusing on this space in-between.


Print runs through the core of the practice, utilising zines, print workshops and installations to interact with others and create collaborative works. Paper and print act as a democratised medium, one everyone is familiar with handling, and one that is made to be handled. We aim to work with others to produce highly visual publications that can then leave the gallery space and be taken home, extending the exhibition outwards. 

You can find us via email, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

We are currently based at OA studios, Salford.

SB is made of four people - Izzy Kroese, George Gibson, Erin Blamire and Eleanor Haswell. We met on our foundation course in Sunderland. We all have lives beyond Shy Bairns that you can read more about over here




Based in Manchester, UK

Feel free to contact us on, or through our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



Jerwood Arts, London

2nd Oct - 15th Dec


Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

1st Nov - 24th Nov


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