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Shy Bairns George Gibson

SHY BAIRNS are an artist collective interested in the intersections of contemporary art and bookmaking, and the activation of projects within that space.

Shy Bairns The Tetley The House That Heals The Soul Exhibition Zine Workshop
Shy Bairns Middlesbrough Arts Weekender zine Izzy Kroese George Gibson Erin Blamire Elle Haswell
Shy Bairns risograph printing

Our practice aims to create more of a conversation between artist/curator, exhibition/artwork, and viewer/reader. Print runs through the core of the practice, utilising zines, print workshops and installations to create collaborative works. We are interested in ideas of identity, community, popular culture, and interactivity, with projects ranging from exhibitions about fan culture (Fanspeak at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 2019), to contemplating artist development within collectives (Jerwood Arts, London, 2019). Shy Bairns is the collaborative practice of Izzy Kroese, Erin Blamire, Eleanor Haswell and George Gibson, who have worked together since 2016.

You can find us via email, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

We are currently based at Spectator Mill, Manchester 

Shy Bairn DIY merchendise tote bags

SB is made of four people - Izzy Kroese, George Gibson, Erin Blamire and Eleanor Haswell. We met on our foundation course in Sunderland. We all have lives beyond Shy Bairns that you can read more about over here



Shy Bairns The Tetley zine workshop vine
Shy Bairns Erin Blamire zines
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