George Gibson

George handles all our social media presence and spend way too much time looking cross at their phone. Away from that, they work as a bookbinding technician and have a practice revolving around archiving found digital imagery in print, with a focus on alternative communities and hysteria. Buy their books @

Eleanor Haswell

Elle has our Facebook group chat muted and probably won't look at this. She deals with a quarter of the hassle; printing, setting up, chatting on. She makes prints and books based on archival imagery - more details of which are on her website

Izzy Kroese


Izzy's work focuses on history and identity, largely exploring themes of gender and sexuality. When they aren't on the SB group chat, they make prints, books, and run @transmascstudies on Instagram. More information can be found at

Erin Blamire

Erin is largely the brains behind the design for Shy Bairns, overseeing most aspects and telling us off for using photoshop wrong. Erin's whole life is design, with a particular focus on editorial design and publication production. Hire them at


Based in Manchester, UK

Feel free to contact us on, or through our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



Jerwood Arts, London

2nd Oct - 15th Dec


Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

1st Nov - 24th Nov


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