SHY BAIRNS #1:The Only Pizza Shop Where I Live Burnt Down

SHY BAIRNS #1:The Only Pizza Shop Where I Live Burnt Down

68 page, 2 colour risograph, featuring work by creatives on the topic of every day life in northern England (+ 2 free prints and stickers with each order!).


Featuring work from:

Erin Blamire

Tulani Hlalo

Thomas Tyler

Chris Priestman

Ben Thompson

Izzy Kroese

Saffa Khan

Meghan Graydon Darby

Georgia Grace Gibson

Caitlin Hall

Phoebe Angel

Josh Wilson

Eleanor Beth Haswell

Lauren Vevers

Jennifer Walton

Evelyn Cromwell

Chloe Vaughn

Sam Elliot

Oliva Ford

Adam Wilson Holmes

Peter Webster

Kieran Blakey

Scarlett Hirst

Lily Mae Kroese

Isabel Scott

Grace Collins



    Based in Manchester, UK

    Feel free to contact us on, or through our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



    Jerwood Arts, London

    2nd Oct - 15th Dec


    Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

    1st Nov - 24th Nov


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